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Seefeld Group Provides Insight for a New Book Exploring the Path to Future Happiness for Canadian Society

Montreal, Canada – November 2011

Findings generated from the Sefeeld Group Cohort Model, an Excel based analysis tool which predicts the future impact of population shifts on market trends, has been used in a new book titled The Happiness Equation. Authored by John Hallward, a senior executive with the global market research firm Ipsos and a world leading expert on advertising research, his new book examines the implications of current trends toward health, relationships, financial security, religion and philanthropy on Canadians’overall level of happiness. Hallward argues that we should rethink our approach to daily life at many levels in order to avoid a continuation of current trends towards declining future levels of personal satisfaction. Referred to extensively in a chapter dedicated to predicting the future, Seefeld Group’s Cohort Model applies Ipsos survey data to key generational groups, such as Generation X, Baby Boomers and others to model their behaviour and understand the drivers of Canadians’ attitudes going forward.

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