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Tailored marketing expertise brought
together on an international scale

Seefeld Group brings together years of top North American and European experience and expertise in marketing research, strategy and communications.

We leverage our long standing alliance of leading marketing specialists to tailor a “best fit” solution which is seamless and cost effective.

Key alliance members provide expertise in the following areas:

Branding, Marketing Communications and Media Buying


Communications DG4 Inc.
  • Established in 1979, it has unique experience in branding, design, advertising and multimedia for B-2-B clients.
jetztdesign, jetztmedia

  • Specializing in web based applications, a Munich based creative and media planning & placement agency serving multinational clients on a global scale.

Market Research

Ad-Hoc Research

Ad-Hoc Research

  • Since 1984, a specialist in surveys and statistical analysis with 75 call centre stations and a professional team of analysts and data programmers. Completed over 600 customer satisfaction surveys including those for large manufacturers, aerospace and B-2-B.

Public Relations and Corporate Communications


  • Specializing in the development and implementation of public relations plans, PRagmatic Communications has a successful track record of combining strategic planning and effective execution to deliver positive media coverage.
Emerald Media

Emerald Media
  • Founded in 1993, UK based Emerald Media offers the aviation market a full range of Public Relations and pro-active communications solutions. The firm has and a genuine interest in, and an understanding of, the aviation industry.

Sales Coaching and Performance Improvement

Le Black Box

le Black Box
  • A coaching practice focused on solving B2B sales management challenges.
  • Giving you a clear picture of your sales pipeline, and assisting your team on the ground.
  • Help attract good sales people, who stay longer and perform at higher levels.
  • Enabling clients to increase sales volume by at least 10% within 24 months.


Business Transformation Expertise and Management Consulting

David Landry Young

David. Landry. Young
  • A boutique consultancy that that specializes in assisting emerging growth companies reach their full potential. Using intense analytics of each client’s own data, David Landry Young develops specific tools and methodologies to guide businesses towards higher growth and success.